Perifit is a medical company that produces & sells IoT enabled medical devices. Perifit reached out to us to build their orders & marketing analytics backend

Project Description

The system had 4 responsibilities:

  • It should collect historical data back to 2018
  • It should run in hourly intervals to collect up-to-date orders from Amazon and Shopify
  • It should run in hourly intervals to collect up-to-date ad spending from Facebook, Google and Amazon
  • It should calculate the profit margins for every product (with regard to platform commissions, taxes, shipping costs etc)


The project has been hand over within a month. It correctly collected all the historical data, running for over 24 hours due to Amazon & Shopify rate limits.

From this point the data collection process runs as an hourly cron job.

Final spreadsheet



  • After completing the project using Amazon MWS, Amazon Selling Partner API was released. Amazon Selling Partner API would be more effective but it had not yet been released.
  • It was difficult to acquire Shopify fee data. Finally, we succeeded by looking at the payment receipt info. It was not documented well and we had to dig into many pages of stack overflow and Shopify community answers.

Technology used