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Wojtek Kulikowski

I am a software engineer writing on ai, startups and product development. I need to yet include words python and cloud for SEO purposes

Hello World

Some concepts just work and need not to be changed. Same goes the titles.

Hi! :wave: My name is Wojtek (short from Wojciech Kulikowski). I come from Poland and am so happy that you get to read this post. It means that I could finally seat for a while, set everything up and just write a couple of words that make sense to me.

I am a software engineer with passion for problem solving and building. The goal of this blog is to have a place for sharing thoughts, ideas and solutions to problems I encountered. Generic.

Please expect bad english, occasional swearings and loads of emojis. If I fuck something up badly you can always let me know at @wkulikowski1 :man_shrugging:

That being said, I hope you’ll enjoy the content and find it useful. The blog is all about sharing and I don’t aim for making any profit out of it. If you like the content please just tweet me so we can have a discussion about something that is meaningful to both of us. This is what matters in the end :raised_hands:

Till the next one,